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The fun page can only be accessed by chess players. In order to check that you are a legitimate chess player you must first solve a simple chess puzzle. A correct answer entered will then connect you to the


Before clicking on the button below read the following hints -

The answer must be entered in Modern Chess Notation

 This means enter the piece to be moved as a capital letter [B for bishop, R for rook etc, (remember that Knight is N and a pawn move uses no letter)]

 After the letter the move should be enter as column (in lower case), row  ie Ke4 would be King to square e4 or c4 would mean Pawn to square c4.

 Finally if this moves ends with a check then a + should be added and a + + signifies checkmate ie Qc5++ would mean Queen to c5 checkmate.

 If a piece is taken then a x symbol is used as follows - Rxf5 means Rook takes piece on square f5 

There are also a few special moves which require special symbols -

 00 means castle Kings side & 000 means castle Queens side.

 ep means en passant

 =Q means pawn is promoted to a Queen

(if more than one piece could make the move in any of the above then the notation must be preceded with an indicator for which piece ie g7=Q would promote the pawn on square g7 to a Queen)

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