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The answer to the puzzle should be written in modern notation.

Modern notation uses the following symbols:-

K = King, Q = queen, R = rook, N = knight (not K as this is already used for the King), B = Bishop and P = Pawn.

The squares on the board are numbered in rows starting with whites pieces on row 1 and whites pawns on row 2 and continuing up to blacks pawns on row 7 and blacks pieces on row 8.

The columns are lettered from left to right  with the letters "a" to "h". Note that this is with respect of the white player as in the numbering above. Black will of course see the letters from right to left.

To write down a move simply write the piece to be moved and the square it should be moved to.

Whites first move could be Nc3  - notice the use of a capital letter for the piece and lower case for the move.

Black may respond with .....Nf6

Whites next move could be e4 - notice that a piece has not been named. This means a pawn has moved. It is not necessary to use a P for a pawn move as this is assumed.

Finally black may take whites pawn with ....Nxe4 - the "x" denotes takes so the black knight takes the piece on e4.

This would all be written - 1. Nc3, Nf6  2. e4, Nxe4  etc.

In the puzzle below you must look for the move which white makes to win the game and then enter it in the same format as above. If a move ends with a check then a + symbol should be added  i.e. Qe5+  and if  the move ends in checkmate the the ++ symbol is used  i.e. Qg2++