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This page was last updated on 10 June, 2003

Photographs from the Cheshire and North Wales 2002 End of Season Celebration held on 30th June 2002 at Frodsham Community Centre.


The CNW End of season celebration match in progress.

The end of season match coming to a close. Each team was split up as shown below.


The Mid / South Cheshire Team



The growing North Welsh Contingent make up a complete team.


The North Cheshire Team (Warrington & Wirral)

and the winners of the inter region trophy.



The Wendy Award winners on stage. A list of this years Wendy Winners is below

James Lobo, Steven Uttley, Andrew Hales, Mark Talbot, Martin Regan, Joshua Oxley, Luke Tyson, Mathew Warburton, Jamie Knowlson, Peter Linney, Aled Parry, Ryan Worrall, Mervyn Goulding, Andrew Bucknell, A. Freeman, Victoria Crompton, Vicky John, David Josephs, Charles Gilman, Robbie Ford, Oliver Farren, Callum Gouveia Da Silva, Oliver Bailey, Jem Greenway



Some of the Brendy Award winners on stage. A list of winners is below.

Lennard Pohl, James Lobo, James Bunnell, Marcus Atherton, Ciaran Willis, Mary Fortune, Michael Henley, Alex Gill, Tristan Lloyd, Thomas Charlesworth, Mathew Willis, Daniel Charlesworth, Scott Waring



George the proud winner of the top award, the Davy


And finally........

The team Manager George Davison and his Wife Chris are presented with well deserved gifts from this years team.