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This page was last updated on 15 October, 2006

A decision was recently made to remove all children and their details from this page for security reasons. This page is now used to assist you in contacting and identifying the many organisers and helpers who assist in the running of the Cheshire and North Wales Junior Chess Teams.

George Davison - Manager

The main man.

George runs Grappenhall Chess Club and the Cheshire and North Wales teams. He is also responsible for most of the content of this web site. George is responsible for most junior chess competitions in Cheshire and North Wales areas and is always happy to pass on his vast experience to anyone who asks., 01925 266567

Bryden Lloyd

Bryden Lloyd runs a junior chess club in Flint (N Wales) occasionally acts as manager for the North Wales Team members, he is a useful contact if you are interested in playing matches for the North Wales Team in other events where the full CNW team are not eligible to play. or phone 07799 451 727 anytime.

Andy Moore

Andy is the Under 100 senior team Captain and has a son, Simon who regularly represents CNW. Andy is also a keen player himself and so is often utilised when extra analysis or tuition is required.


philw.jpg (5179 bytes) Phil Wheller (webmaster)

Phil is a dynamo who gets George back on track when derailed and does all sorts of miscellaneous tasks (Georges words - not mine).

He has two chess playing sons and often helps out at the club and various events. He enjoys getting involved with the kids and also administerS this web site under Georges direction ;-)


rmorrel.jpg (4248 bytes) Richard Morrell

Richard has been a henchman and meticulous helper for Grappenhall and CNW for many years now. He often helps out at events and has captained most of the junior teams at some time notably the under 9's when they first qualified for the finals.. He has two very strong chess playing sons, Simon and Philip who have both represented CNW in the past and have been key Grappenhall members.


Steve Atherton

Steve is another parent who likes to get involved and often can be seen at the club and competitions giving advice and support. His son Marcus is a very strong young player.

Jon Cloake

Jon has two strong chess playing sons and likes to get involved. He often helps with competitions and has recently been taking on the board stewards roll for CNW.


Jim McPhillips

Jim is the hard working organiser of the CNW senior congress events and often supports and helps at the various junior events notably trials, Vale Royal, Warrington etc.  Helps to vote funds for the Juniors which make CNW sponsor of events possible!. He is also the proud owner of a digital camera and frequently sends photographs to the web site. , 01829 770 762