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CNW & Grappenhall Web Site Info.

The website is maintained by Phil Wheller - to Email Phil click this icon

A few members have been having trouble accessing the new site, here are a few details which may help.

The site is strongly based around a simple web programming language known as JavaScript and this is supported by most modern browsers. Although the site is designed for Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator will work fine for most things as long as you are using a fairly recent version. The site has been tested with I.E. 5.0 and Communicator 4.6 and should work fine with anything above this except where stated.

To access the site most people use the quick link of (note the use of lower case and lack of www at the beginning) or (note the use of upper case G and lack of www at the beginning)

however, this has been set up as an easy to remember link and is not the most efficient way to access the site.

The true site is actually now at (we moved here April 2004 as tripod had too many popups) (we moved here in Sept 2001)

for members using Internet Explorer who wish to return to this site, it is recommended that you use the "Click here to add  this site to your Favorites for faster access"  button on the headlines page to set up a link in your favorites menu which will give you quicker and more reliable access than using the facility. Unfortunately Netscape Communicator will not show this button and it is therefore a manual procedure via the Communicator - Bookmarks option on the tool bar.

The first time you accessed this site a box popped up asking you to enter your name, this is then stored as a "cookie" on your own PC and is used to greet you in future and remind you when you last accessed the site. This information is purely to help you and is not held on the internet or passed to the club. The only information passed to us is by completing the guest book or a direct Email from the many Email links throughout the site.

I hope this helps for future access and easier use.

Happy Surfing and may all your Blunders be minor ones.

Phil Wheller (webmaster)