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The first set of puzzles were compiled by Martin Wheller. There are various levels (Mate in one, two or three) to choose from so have fun.

To see the answers hover your mouse over the 'Answer' text .



Mate In One:

Puzzle 1)

Look for the pin! White to move and win.


Puzzle 2)

Blacks are attacking and have forgotten about white's attack!


Puzzle 3)

Really easy mate! Black to move and win


Puzzle 4)

A real mistake by white and black can really punish!


Puzzle 5)

White may seem to be able to block this check but look closer! Black to win in one!


Puzzle 6)

Not a very common check-mate as it is is without a queen and looks in the early stages of a game. White to mate in one!


Mate In Two:

Puzzle 1)

White to give away a piece and win next move. Two ways of doing this.


Puzzle 2)

A smothered mate! Trap the white king in the corner with a sacrifice and move in for the kill.


Mate In Three:

Puzzle 1)

This is the same position as earlier but this time it is Black to move and win in three. It is fairly obvious.


Puzzle 2)

Again fairly obvious. Blacks only option is to attack or they should lose. Can they win it? Mate in three!