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This is an actually position Martin Wheller(white) found himself in, in a competition held in Ruthin, North Wales in 2000.

It is white to move, black has pinned his queen with a rook, if the queen moves away then black will play Re8 x Ra8 ++ and win the game.

Can you spot the move white made which helped him escape from this predicament.

White played Nd5.

If black now takes the queen with the rook then the knight can take the rook - this seems to be a poor exchange but look again. The knight would then have a check with a fork on king and queen. Black can only move Kh8 and white now takes the queen.

Black couldn't take the knight with his queen either because otherwise the white queen would take the black rook on e8, the black rook would take back and then the white rook would take the black rook and get checkmate!