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Cheshire & North Wales Chess Association

Results of the North Wales U 14 Team Match against South Wales at Caersws Primary School 

Saturday November 2nd 2002.

We had a North Wales team of 6 players shepherded by George Davison.

The South Wales Team of 7 players arrived by car led by Ian Eustis, the U 14 Team Manager supported by Russell Dodington The Welsh Director of Junior Chess. The venue was funded by The WCU & a mid match coaching session was given by Mr Dodington & Mr Eustis .

There were four rounds of chess at 30 minutes for each per player, commencing around 11:15, with a closing ceremony around 18:10..

The match itself over the 4 rounds was won by South Wales by 13 to 11 & was designed to help decide the pecking order for the lower boards of the Wales U 14 Team to play England Teams in December. Apart from Garth Owen who is already an established International, the result was inconclusive for North Wales players. A further trial was suggested for the U 13 event to be held at the end of the month or the U 14 event on 7th December at Cardiff. We hold the North Wales Championships on Sat 9th November.

The results are shown below with the North Wales result shown on the right on each round

Board North Wales Round 1 South Wales Round 2 South Wales Round 3 South Wales Round 4 South Wales
1 Garth Owen 1-0 Yutien Zhao 1-0 Perri Khamma 1-0 Alex Kent 1-0 Yutien Zhao
2 Andrew Brereton 0-1 Alex Kent 0-1 Yutien Zhao 0-1 Aaron Billing 0-1 Perri Khamma
3 Anthony Lodge - Christian Sayers 1-0 Aaron Billing 0-1 Yutien Zhao 1-0 Jonathan Evans
4 Michael Mooney 0-1 Aaron Billing 1-0 Alex Kent 0-1 Perri Khamma 0-1 Sam Whyley
5 Luke Turford 0-1 Sam Whyley 1-0 Christian Sayers 1-0 Jonathan Evans - Aaron Billing
6 Robert Brereton 1-0 Jonathan Evans 0-1 Sam Whyley 0-1 Christian Sayers 0-1 Alex Kent
Total   2-3   4-2   2-4   2-3  
G.Total   2-3   6-5   8-9   11-13  

Anthony Lodge & Luke Turford both staked a claim for selection with 2 wins (& draws which they should have converted to wins!). It appears that 5 places were on offer for the 13 players present. Anthony Farrell has been selected & was unable to attend.

George Davison Junior Organiser North Wales Teams.