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About the Grappenhall Web Site


Grappenhall is a small village on the South side of Warrington, Cheshire, England. The community center here has become the headquarters of the Cheshire and North Wales Junior Chess Team as this is presently the only junior chess club in the area. More details of the club itself can be found on the site.

The "Grappenhall" button will bring up a copy of the latest news letter whilst you will find information on where the club is actually located in the "Directions" section. The "Members" section has information about each member of the club and many of its supporters whilst the "Gallery" includes pictures from some of the teams and matches. George Davison, who runs the club as well as the Cheshire and North Wales Team has a "not to be missed" portrait on the "Fun" page and can be Emailed by clicking on one of the many links on the site.   

Cheshire and North Wales Junior Chess (CNW)

The CNW junior chess team comprises of children aged up to 18 in various groups. Most competitions have sections which are limited by age, the most common of which are - under 9, under 11, under 14 and under 18 based on ages on the previous 1st September. This gives plenty of scope for young children to play and allows the outstanding young players to compete at a higher level if they wish.

 The selection process for the CNW team normally begins at the start of the school year with local competitions held in each area of Cheshire and North Wales with noted players then being invited to attend training meetings and possible selection. Many of the younger members then continue on to the more senior teams as they obtain practice and experience at the lower levels with most of the top players developing from the under 9 or under 11 teams.

The top players are often encouraged to attend trials for the English and Welsh teams and there are some who have been selected to represent their country in National matches.

The "CNW" button will bring up a copy of the latest news CNW news letter whilst the "Diary" shows many of the forthcoming events. The "Results" section is mostly results from CNW team competitions whilst the "Review" is updated at the end of each season giving a summary of the past year.

We hope you find the site interesting and stimulating. If you would like to comment then please use our "Guestbook" facility.

To view a copy of our Constitution in Microsoft Word format please click here.

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